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Album: W Dupe Amerykanska Reklame Na Polskiej Ziemi [free mp3]

Release: 2003 year
Artist: Para Wino
Album Tracks: 55 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

W Dupe Amerykanska Reklame Na Polskiej Ziemi download


File Size      #
1. Para Wino - Wypierdalac.mp3 (1.48mb) download
2. Para Wino - Do Murzynow.mp3 (1.93mb) download
3. Para Wino - Wielcy Amerykancy.mp3 (3.30mb) download
4. Para Wino - Wspieranie Systemu.mp3 (1.97mb) download
5. Para Wino - Do Zobaczenia.mp3 (3.57mb) download
6. Para Wino - Pojebalo Mnie.mp3 (2.99mb) download
7. Para Wino - Gesty Mocz.mp3 (3.14mb) download
8. Para Wino - Kwiaty Dla Taty.mp3 (4.31mb) download
9. Para Wino - Marihuana.mp3 (4.60mb) download
10. Para Wino - Krowie Dupy Cz.1.mp3 (1.55mb) download
11. Para Wino - Marihuana (Instr.).mp3 (4.63mb) download
12. Para Wino - Napoj Czerwony.mp3 (2.13mb) download
13. Para Wino - Wszystko Co Mam Do Powiedzenia.mp3 (5.51mb) download
14. Para Wino - Przeklnij Mnie.mp3 (3.52mb) download
15. Para Wino - Policz Do Stu.mp3 (4.70mb) download
16. Para Wino - Rudy Cygan.mp3 (5.39mb) download
17. Para Wino - Jestescie Gownem.mp3 (3.38mb) download
18. Para Wino - To Ja.mp3 (2.83mb) download
19. Para Wino - Ciezko Wrazliwy.mp3 (3.42mb) download
20. Para Wino - Ufo Czy Rosjanie.mp3 (3.47mb) download
21. Para Wino - Bardaszane Rury.mp3 (5.13mb) download
22. Para Wino - Sok Z Pizdy.mp3 (5.55mb) download
23. Para Wino - Bogowie I Zbawcy.mp3 (2.88mb) download
24. Para Wino - Perwersja.mp3 (1.68mb) download
25. Para Wino - Do Paly.mp3 (5.38mb) download
26. Para Wino - Auschwitz Birkenau.mp3 (2.38mb) download
27. Para Wino - Osiol I Swinia.mp3 (4.72mb) download
28. Para Wino - Lojalny Choc Skurwysyn.mp3 (4.17mb) download
29. Para Wino - Bez Refrena.mp3 (1.74mb) download
30. Para Wino - Krowie Dupy Cz.2.mp3 (1.55mb) download
31. Para Wino - chuj w dupe amerykanskiej reklamie na polskiej ziemi.mp3 (3.95mb) download
32. Para Wino - Sram Na Sedes.mp3 (2.35mb) download
33. Para Wino - Gniew.mp3 (3.66mb) download
34. Para Wino - Wiesniacy.mp3 (3.31mb) download
35. Para Wino - Lokalny Broadway.mp3 (1.12mb) download
36. Para Wino - Komu Na.mp3 (1.60mb) download
37. Para Wino - Wariat Moj.mp3 (1.30mb) download
38. Para Wino - Margaryna.mp3 (1.84mb) download
39. Para Wino - Hawajska Koszula.mp3 (3.57mb) download
40. Para Wino - Bija Serca.mp3 (4.29mb) download
41. Para Wino - Janek.mp3 (2.87mb) download
42. Para Wino - Jada Goscie.mp3 (3.38mb) download
43. Para Wino - Kto Ty Jestes.mp3 (5.81mb) download
44. Para Wino - Anarchisci.mp3 (3.05mb) download
45. Para Wino - Lot Nad Amsterdamem.mp3 (3.54mb) download
46. Para Wino - Kurwa Twa.mp3 (2.56mb) download
47. Para Wino - I Do Ucha I Do Tanca.mp3 (2.50mb) download
48. Para Wino - Bedzie Was Mniej.mp3 (4.78mb) download
49. Para Wino - Glupi A Lysy.mp3 (4.59mb) download
50. Para Wino - Pijany I Prawdziwy.mp3 (2.78mb) download
51. Para Wino - Malowany Swiat.mp3 (5.98mb) download
52. Para Wino - Co To Za Okolica.mp3 (5.59mb) download
53. Para Wino - Czlowiek Z Walizka.mp3 (5.00mb) download
54. Para Wino - Maniana.mp3 (2.90mb) download
55. Para Wino - Nie Jestem Punkiem.mp3 (2.79mb) download

Album: Charakteropatie [free mp3]

Release: 0 year
Artist: Para Wino
Album Tracks: 16 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Charakteropatie download


File Size      #
1. Para Wino - Kartka Z Jarocina.mp3 (4.96mb) download
2. Para Wino - Jebaj Sie Skurwysynu.mp3 (4.48mb) download
3. Para Wino - Jest Zle.mp3 (3.95mb) download
4. Para Wino - Policja.mp3 (5.60mb) download
5. Para Wino - Mily Bog.mp3 (3.21mb) download
6. Para Wino - Mierc.mp3 (2.67mb) download
7. Para Wino - Para Wino.mp3 (4.55mb) download
8. Para Wino - Zaczarowany Olowek.mp3 (1.28mb) download
9. Para Wino - Prohibicja.mp3 (2.83mb) download
10. Para Wino - A Niech To Trafi Szlag.mp3 (3.08mb) download
11. Para Wino - Kwiaty Dla Slaska.mp3 (3.28mb) download
12. Para Wino - Mesjasz.mp3 (3.17mb) download
13. Para Wino - A-Mol C-Dur.mp3 (2.90mb) download
14. Para Wino - Na Poczatku Bylem Ja.mp3 (4.88mb) download
15. Para Wino - Byleby Zawsze Razem.mp3 (5.33mb) download
16. Para Wino - Niech Caluja Mnie W Dupe.mp3 (4.84mb) download

Album: Koledy Alternatywne [free mp3]

Release: 0 year
Artist: Para Wino
Album Tracks: 12 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Koledy Alternatywne download


File Size      #
1. Para Wino - Wsrod Nocnej Ciszy.mp3 (2.57mb) download
2. Para Wino - Cicha Noc.mp3 (4.14mb) download
3. Para Wino - Pojdzmy Wszyscy Do Stajenki.mp3 (1.64mb) download
4. Para Wino - Przybiezeli Do Betlejem.mp3 (2.77mb) download
5. Para Wino - Gdy Sie Chrystus Rodzi.mp3 (2.49mb) download
6. Para Wino - Dzisiaj W Betlejem.mp3 (3.25mb) download
7. Para Wino - Bog Sie Rodzi.mp3 (3.21mb) download
8. Para Wino - Lulajze Jezuniu.mp3 (3.90mb) download
9. Para Wino - Gdy Sliczna Panna.mp3 (3.38mb) download
10. Para Wino - Przedmowa.mp3 (1.83mb) download
11. Para Wino - W Zlobie Lezy.mp3 (3.40mb) download
12. Para Wino - Jezus Malusienki.mp3 (3.64mb) download

[ Alice In Chains: Brother ]

Artist: Alice In Chains
Song: Brother

Not afraid to paint my sky with
Some who say I've lost my mind
Brother try and hope to find

You were always so far away
I know that pain so don't you run away
Like you used to do

Roses in a vase of white
Bloodied by the thorns beside the leaves
That fall because my hand is pulling them hard as I can

You were always so far away
I know that pain and I won't run away
Like I used to do

Pictures in a box at home
Yellowing and green with mold
So I can barely see your face
Wonder how that color taste

You were always so far away
I know the way so don't you run away
Like you used to do
Like you used to do

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